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Calf Club 

                                            This is usually held on the Friday of the first week in

                                           Term 4 and is one of the highlights of our school year. 

Students are given the opportunity to raise and care for a calf, lamb, goat and/or chickens. This is a daily commitment and helps students learn perseverance, responsibility and how to care for animals.  On Calf Club day, it is easy to see those students who have spent lots of time

 with their animals - the relationship between them is great to see.

Animals must be born at certain times and they get put into age categories for judging.

These dates are:

Calves: after June 21

Lambs & Goats: after July 1

Chickens: only those delivered last term can be entered.

Students also create displays in the classroom.  They complete 3 pieces of art around a    

theme and a piece of writing.  They also create 2 floral pieces and do some sort of baking

(Seniors) or biscuit decorating/vegetable creations (Juniors). These are also judged.

We have a wonderfully dedicated Calf Club committee who organise the animal side of things.  It takes many hours so any help is appreciated!

Many of our students also go on to compete at Group Day where they show their animals with students from other schools and usually do very well in bringing home more trophies and ribbons.  

This year our Calf Club day will be held on Friday October 13th.

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