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We provide our student's opportunities to become future leaders in their communities. We offer our students the very best chance to develop social, academic and sporting skills.  We do this by promoting our three school values.

PB4L: Postive Behaviour for Learning

We are a PB4L school.  This means that we believe that

school-wide positive behaviour supports our aims to improve

academic success as it allows more time for teaching as the

frequency and intensity of behaviour issues are reduced.

This programme is based on a team approach for creating and sustaining a safe and effective school. It focuses on preventing behaviour issues, developing social skills, reinforcing desired behaviour, consistent management of inappropriate behaviour and using data-based assessment and problem solving to address concerns.

We have developed positive expectations for behaviour, and we expect, reinforce and teach these positive behaviours. 

Multiple studies of this approach have shown a sustained drop in behaviour issues, increased instructional time, a positive increase in the learning climate, with corresponding improvements in all areas of learning.

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