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Welcome to the Mangatawhiri School community.  


We call ourselves an ‘awesome’ school. There is a strong sense of belonging where we base everything we do on ‘The Mangatawhiri Way’ which is our school’s three values of Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience.

                         As you walk around our school you will see dedicated teachers, inviting classroom                                                 environments and lots of learning happening.  You will hear laughter and you will see a                                        caring school community where our big kids are great role models and friends for the little kids.

We have an incredibly supportive school community led by an active School Board. We have great facilities including a variety of digital equipment in every classroom.

Our learning is focused on preparing our students for their future.

If you would like to visit us or make contact then please do so.

You will find a link to our latest Charter, our bus routes and information on our new Enrolment Zone on the page called Official Documents.

Come and join us,  you will soon see how special our place of learning is.

It is a privilege to be the principal of Mangatawhiri School.

Sharron Scouse,


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